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The insufferable smirk of elite impunity

Danziger has got this exactly right, for it perfectly depicts the real relationship between nominally powerful government officials and the reigning kleptoplutocrats for whom they toil. Scott Walker and other “leaders” of his stripe doubtless know this quite well, and that is why Walker tripped over himself in his eagerness to take a call from a fake “David Koch” that led him into his first nationally reported Sarah Palin moment.

Cartoon: Scott Walker and David Koch

“If ever there were a problem for me, I’d simply spend as much money as it took to transfer it to someone else.”
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Meanwhile, as we see here, the front-line combatants for the elite — the Scott Walkers and Jan Brewers who carry the legislative ball for that elite — may suffer the slings and arrows of outraged citizens, but the kleptoplutocrats on whose behalf all the dirty work is done sit smugly in their parlors, smiling with amused condescension at the antics of their lackeys.

Of course, the glued-on smirk can irritate. This may be part of the reason why there is now a strong movement afoot to administer a bit of economic pain by way of a rapidly growing boycott of Koch Industries, with similar actions in contemplation against other particularly noxious high priests in the global cult of Mammon.

Originally published as a review of a Danziger cartoon appearing in the Huffington Post on Scott Walker, the brothers Koch and elite impunity.

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